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Public Authority For Industry – Kuwait


The Public Authority of Industry aims to develop, promote and supervise the industrial activity in the country as well as development of the industrial base for achievement of the national economy goals, including the following:


  1. Encouraging, development and protection of the local industries.

2. Expansion the industrial and crafts production base.

3. Diversifying sources of national income.

4. Support, development and encouragement of the strategic goods production necessary for national and food security.

5. Creating the right and suitable climate to attract more national manpower with technical competence and efficiency.

6. Deepening, developing and encouraging the industrial crafts.

7. Deepening the industrial awareness of the citizens and highlighting the positive role of the industrial development program as well as preparation and publishing the studies and researches and providing information systems, industrial data and encouraging development and creativity.

8. Coordination between the existing and current industries and those proposed to be held in the future in the GCC States in particular and the Arab countries in general to achieving integration and avoidance of harmful competition.

9. Enhancement of the industrial cooperation with different countries and international organizations to provide the necessary experience, expertise and information for the local industrial development.

10. Increasing the Kuwaiti industrial exports share in the international markets and creating export industrial investment opportunities.