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Saudi Exports


Made in Saudi is a national initiative by the Saudi Exports Development Authority that aims to build a national brand that is recognized, trusted, and preferred, leveraging Saudi Arabia’s technical innovation, creative talent, and business acumen. The program seeks to empower local businesses and accelerate their growth by helping them use the unified brand to market their products domestically and increase their exports to priority markets. Members of the program thrive within a collaborative community where they can benefit from significant opportunities to expand their reach and tap new business prospects at home and abroad


«صُنع في السعودية» هو مبادرة وطنية بقيادة «هيئة تنمية الصادرات السعودية» يهدف إلى دعم الشركات السعودية وتسريع نموها من خلال تشجيع المستهلكين محليًا على شراء المزيد من المنتجات الوطنية، وتحفيز الشركات السعودية على التصدير إلى الأسواق ذات الأولوية.